Gravit is the world’s first design and collaboration platform that runs right in your browser. Design, prototype and collaborate, all inside one app. No OS exclusivity, just open your favorite web browser, login and start designing.


No downloads runs in the browser

Do away with all the OS exclusivity. Gravit is created to run on the web as well as any desktop application. Create your mobile UI kit, web layout or your company’s logo using your favorite browser — no downloads or setup needed.

Design and collaborate in real time

While other apps let you only design content, Gravit let’s you do more. Create your design, send a unique link to your clients or team members and they’ll be able to instantly edit or preview it, in any browser, from anywhere. You can even monitor the changes they make to your design while they are making it.


Make your design
come to life

Gravit is not only a screen design tool. We plan to add also robust prototyping features to it, so once you are ready with your design, you’ll be able to link pages, add hotspots, gestures and transitions and create an interactive prototype, all without leaving Gravit.

Share your designs in
Gravit Exchange

Sharing your designs (for free or for a small fee) will be a breeze once we implement the marketplace feature! You’ll be able also to search and re-use designs created and shared by other designers.


You’ll Love Working With Gravit

Below you’ll see a short summary of what Gravit can do. You can also learn more about Gravit’s features on the dedicated Features page.


Web Fonts

A curated list of Google Web Fonts that you can use in your designs, combined with robust typography tools.

Launched Rocket

Feels Like a Native App

Gravit works in the browser but feels like an actual desktop app, with an easy to master user interface.


Advanced Vector Engine

Gravit offers powerful tools (Pen, Bezigon, etc.), smart auto shapes, and many innovative path modes.



From Linux to Windows to Mac; Gravit works in any operating system using your favorite browser.

Mobile device support is coming soon.


Compound Shapes

You can create complex shapes by combining several vector objects together with the individual objects remaining fully editable.

(coming soon)

Full Image

Export to SVG

You can save your designs as SVG files for easy re-use in other design application. Gravit can also import SVG files while preserving their editability.

(coming soon)

The guys at Gravit are some of the most passionate and talented I’ve met through these years. Helping them make this the best design and vector illustration tool it’s like shaping the perfect tool customized to real user’s needs. Still a baby, but pretty impressive. It is browser based and free.

Isabel Aracama

This could be the best FreeHand-like app I’ve seen. The beta is already surprising me.

Mark Gelotte

Gravit takes design to the next level. Managing projects, media files and teams has become easy with the cloud based repository. My company files are automatically updated, every team member is working on the latest file version, no matter where they are, without installation.

Pablo Petzen

The future in teaching today is in collaborating not only in the class room but also in the cloud with the students and their projects. Gravit’s web approach will enable me to not only meet with them in person, but review their design work online, leaving comments and suggestions directly inside their projects without the need to communicate design changes via an email thread. Gravit will also allow students to work where ever and when ever they want without being restricted to the lab times. This is for academia a win win.

Claas Kuhnen

Faculty Industrial Design, Wayne State University